okay serious question time

why do people care so much about romantic and sexual relationships, especially as teenagers?

like why the fuck would you put so much goddamn effort into some shitty person who messes with your head and maybe even treats you unfairly?

of course, there are long term relationships that seem to work out, and the people seem “happy” - but even then i’m like why

why all the effort

why do people care so much about being with other another person?

like unless you find that soul wrenching, life saving, death defying love that, albeit, seems to only exist in fiction … why would you even bother?

i just don’t understand

i know there are good people out there, but i don’t know why romance and sex are so goddamn important in life

why do you need someone to hold your hand

why do you need someone to kiss your fucking eyelids


like you can be alone and happy - i don’t understand


Mummy Holmes is all like “if I find who shot my boy imma be hella mad and they gon regret the day they born”

And Mary is like two feet away going ¯\_(ツ)_/¯